The transport of biomass is one of our main business sectors. We deliver our conveyor systems for wood chips applications and also for the transportation of pellets or biogenic waste. Very important for our customers is that the material will be transported with care and without generating dust. The big advantage compared to standard screw conveyors with middle shaft is the flexibility of the shaftless auger inside the tube or hutch. This avoids squezzing of the material and mechanical damage of the auger or the complete system. Fine particles and dust endanger the efficiency of wood gazing systems or heating plants. Mostly a reason for customers to prefer shaftless auger conveyors from Wildfellner. A conveyor system from Wildfellner is one of the most efficient methods to deliver biomass from a reception point into bunkers, silos or other storage rooms or directly into the wood gazer or boiler. Since the company was founded 1983 the applications became more and more interesting and sometimes very complex. As our systems need no intermediate bearings we realized horizontal applications with a length of 36 m and vertically 28 m with only one motor and only one auger.