Conveyor systems for biomass power plants

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Conveyor systems for biomass power plants

This applications are characterized with high conveying capacities and very high availability. Our longest vertical conveyor ever delivered for a power plant in Germany was 28 m. The capacity per hours is 80 – 100 m³.

The material picked up from a storage room will be delivered depending on the customers application inclined or vertically to further transport systems or directly to the boiler. One of our most amazing conveyor ever delivered in that area was a horizontal tube conveyor with a length of 36 m. Only one geared motor, only one shaftless auger without any intermediate bearing!

Customers normally demand big material funnels (up to a volume of 40 m³) and high conveying capacity to keep the discharging time for the forwarder as short as possible.

Wildfellner developed conveyor arrangements with a capacity up to 400 m³/h with special agitators to prevent „bridging“.