Complete treatment plans for scrap

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Complete treatment plans for scrap

Most of the recycling companies use belt conveyor for the transport of the material. It is disadvantageous that the belt conveyors are not closed as our tube or hutch conveyors. Customers have to be aware that this leads to a higher contamination of the facilities.

Apart form that it is not possible to realize vertical transportation. If you need to move the material up you have to use some inclined belt conveyors. This means that bigger production halls are needed. So the costs are much higher compared to our vertical units.

Using a Wildfellner horizontal/vertical combination saves space and prevents contamination of the production area.

The biggest project ever done was a recycling project in that area. Different input materials as aluminium, stainless steel, electronic scrap, rubber, glass and different kind of cables between 0 and 100 mm were transported to sorters and bunkers.

In this project we developed together with the customer a very complex system with around 700 m of our conveyor systems. This unique project gives the customer the possibility to sort the materials in a more homogeneous and quicker way. We are very proud that we are part of this project we a complete new sorting method came into operation.