Wine mash

Wine mash

Wine mash will be transported from the fermentation tank to the press. All conveyor systems are customized to different applications.


We deliver:

  • robust augers in stainless steel guided in closed trough's with folding cover for an easier cleaning process
  • flexible augers (on request)


Advantages of our conveyor system:

  • no intermediate bearings needed
  • more capacity - up to 2/3 more compared to normal screw conveyors with shaft
  • no sprockets - lower energy demand
  • low noise and material friendly transport in closed tubes and hutches
  • horizontal and inclined up to max. 15°


Our conveyors are executed with cleaning connections. If a speed variation is needed offer frequency inverters from our geared motor partner.




Our augers are only guided on the geared motor side. As we save bearings and sprockets the maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum or dropped completely!


Conveying capacity:

  • robust stainless steel augers 200 - 1000 liters per minute
  • flexible augers (on request)