Recycling of electronic scrap

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Recycling of electronic scrap

Electronic scrap is a resource which includes high class and expensive materials. The recycling of these material is always characterized by very complex methods. Conveyor systems do not only transport the goods. Also dosing functions must be managed with the shaftless screw conveyors.

It is very important that the conveyors are well adjusted to the main recycling process. Because of different mostly abrassive materials the execution of the tubes and hutches with special wear protections is essential for the life time and the equipment availability.

Conveyors are able to operate as push or pulling conveyors. The definition of the transport material helps us to decide what operation type we have to offer.

As we transport different materials the bulk density varies which has a direct influence on the execution of the connection between auger and geared motor. We developed several connection solutions which preserves all mechanical parts during operation.  

Customers in that industry do not only emphasize the reliability of our conveyor systems but also the cleanliness in the enviroment of our equipment. No material can fall down as it could happen by the transport with conveyor belts.