Conveyor systems for wood gazification

Conveyor systems for wood gazification

Conveyor systems for the generation of electrical and thermal power are the most interesting and challanging applications for us. In many delivered systems to different customers we got the knowledge how we have to treat that special industry.

For the dimensioning of the conveyors it is very important to understand the gazing process itself and the main reasons why such a system works. Wood gazers produce electrical and thermal power. Normally the investment is based on calculations where both energies are used and/or sold.

The realized projects with different customers helped us a lot to develop execution and dimensioning standards. Our special double valve system guarantees the needed air tightness in the conveyor to the gazer.

The efficiency of most of the wood gazers on the market will be very much influenced by the fine dust particles in the wood chips. According to the markets needs Wildfellner developed a rotating screen which sieves out those fine particles during the transport. The customer does not need to buy sieved material to higher costs. Also an additional screen is not needed.

The sieved material will be transported to Big-Bag's, storage bunkers or briquetting presses with our flexible auger system type SL.

Finally to complete the wood gazer system solutions from Widlfellner the ash has to be transported to containers or storage boxes.