Our main industries Energy and Biomass are often linked together. We transport biomass for heating power plants or wood gazer systems where electrical and thermal power is generated.

As the fuel is different from one application to the other every conveyor system has to be adapted to the given parameters in every project. The engineered solution must be additionally adjusted to the operations time demanded by the customers process.

We are faced with operation times between a few hours up to more than 8000 hours per year. Nothing new for us! We have the solutions for conveyors for such high working times.

Produkt: Type RL (N) engl | Type SL (N) engl

Conveyor systems for the generation of electrical and thermal power are the most interesting and challanging applications for us. In many...

Produkt: Type RL (N) engl

This applications are characterized with high conveying capacities and very high availability. Our longest vertical conveyor ever delivered for a...

Produkt: Type RL (N) engl

If energy is generated with biomass the customers have to deal with the disposal of the ash. Ash is a high abrasive medium. The conveyors have to...

Produkt: Type RL (N) engl

Sludge and reject material is used as Refuse-derived-fuel (RDF) in heating power plants. RDF with different moisture level has to be transported...