robust, shaftless screw conveyors - Type RL(N)

THE ROBUST The robust giants are rigid, shaftless spiral conveyors. Their main application include transport of large volumes (up to approx. 600 m3/h - e.g. recycling material) and conveying of bulky goods. Main Application: <ul> <li>capacity up to 600 m3/h</li> <li>bulky goods up to 400 mm long</li> <li>conveying medium with special characteristics (e.g. sludge, ash)</li> <li>applications up to a duty of 8700 hours per year</li> </ul> &nbsp; Type max. Length (*) approx. capaCity m3/h (*) motor power (*) grainlength (*) RL(N) 80-120 20-30 2-7 0,37-1,5 kW &lt;50 mm RL(N) 120-150 20-30 4-15 0,75-4 kW &lt;80 mm RL(N) 150-200 20-30 5-25 1,5-5,5 kW &lt;120 mm RL(N) 200-280 20-30 10-40 1,5-5,5 kW &lt;150 mm RL(N) 280-350 15-30 25-125 3-15 kW &lt;200 mm RL(N) 350-500 15 50-220 4-18,5 kW &lt;250-300 mm RL(N) 500-700 10-15 150-600 4-22 kW &lt;300-400 mm (N indicates a construction in stainless steel), (*) data not binding - for precise details we need your material specifications, course of pipeline and requirements of the auger unit.

Datum: 19.November 2015 Branche: Wine

Mainly we transport the stems from the destemming machine to...

Datum: 16.Februar 2016 Branche: Energy

Conveyor systems for the generation of electrical and thermal power are the most interesting and challanging applications for us. In many...

Datum: 10.Februar 2016 Branche: Recycling

In vielen Recyclingunternehmen übernehmen klassische Förderbänder die zu bewältigenden Transportaufgaben. Nachteilig an Förderbändern ist jedoch...

Datum: 14.Dezember 2015 Branche: Components

In our stock we keep around 150 different sizes of robust augers. This is a big advantage for our customers because they do not need have the...

Datum: 16.Februar 2016 Branche: Recycling

Electronic scrap is a resource which includes high class and expensive materials. The recycling of these material is always characterized by very...

Datum: 16.Februar 2016 Branche: Biomass

The shaftless screw conveyor is mounted to a shredder. The material will be transported into drying containers or into storage containers. This is...

Datum: 10.Februar 2016 Branche: Energie

Die Bereiche Biomasse und Energie sind sehr eng mit dem Thema Ascheförderung verbunden. Asche ist ein äusserst abbrassives Medium, welches zu...

Datum: 16.Februar 2016 Branche: Wine

We transport the wine grapes directly to the press or to the desteaming machine or Reebler. All conveyor systems are customized to different...


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